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44 Armbruster Avenue, North Kellyville

Kellyville: Inspired by History, living in the present and motivated by the future.

A unique and exciting suburb located in the North West of Sydney. Kellyville’s unique nature owes itself to its striking balance of past, present and future.

Kellyville is steeped in history, being one of the earliest colonised suburbs in early Australia, having been established in the early 1800s, lending its name to Hugh Kelly, who, by many, is believed to be the man after whom Kellyville was named.

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Playing host to some of Sydney’s most adored and preserved natural landscapes, North West Sydney is an area that Australia ought to be proud of, representing a brilliant display of how harmony between urbanisation and natural preservation can be met with efficiency and grace.

Kellyville’s rich and successful past has seemingly continued into present times and is set to stretch into the future, with the local State Government of New South Wales predicting strong growth over the upcoming decades. North West Railway is now operational.