Why Queensland?

Investing in Queensland makes sense - it just does. It's very hard to truly appreciate just how much it makes sense, until you hear it from the local experts and see it for yourself. 

That's the real benefit of our tours - you get to see it with your own eyes. The real benefit of Queensland is the fact that it is still relatively well-priced in most regions. This positions it as a brilliant opportunity to capitalise on yet-to-be-seen growth. Be sure to book yourself a ticket on our next tour to Queensland to find out for yourself why so many are heading up north!

Queensland prices are much more affordable for home-buyers than many parts of Australia

Large influx of foreign interest in key holiday spots in and around Queensland

Large influx of Federal and Queensland State investment in key infrastructure projects in recent and upcoming years, including the much anticipated and now functioning light rail network

Rental return rates are relatively high in many key spots in and around Queensland, making investment yields an attractive investment option

Low vacancy rates

Attractive holiday-let market rates

Queensland is popular with the increasingly growing retirement age bracket

2018 Commonwealth Games, bringing with it large infrastructure spending and tourist spending

Now, book a spot and see for yourself

State Significant Projects

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